Do you do one-to-one consultations?

I have recently stopped doing one-to-one consultations and teaching.

Will you be opening your books again to do consultations?

Most likely no, but I'll never say "never."

Do you do workshops?

Not currently, but I'm open to them. If you have an idea for a workshop you'd like me to offer, send us an e-mail!

What other resources aside from YouTube do you have where I can learn more?

I have video series for purchase under the "Merchandise" section that dive deeper into certain concepts; I have articles and interviews that you can find under the "Press" section; and there is always my book, which is a very deep dive into the Soul Family. You can find out where to buy when you go to "The Soul Family" link in the navigation bar.

Will you be putting out more series on your website for purchase?


Are you still taking video requests for YouTube?

Yes, just leave me a comment on YouTube with your video request.