The Soul Family: a Guide to Karmic relationships, Soulmates, Soul Tribes, and Twin Flames

Have you ever met someone that you just couldn’t get out of your head? Or immediately disliked someone for no apparent reason? Do you have a longtime friend that you have nothing in common with anymore, but you’re still holding onto the friendship? Or do you and your parents continuously fight, never seeing eye-to-eye? Though seemingly different at first glance, all of these people have something in common…they’re part of your Soul Family…and they’re in your life for a reason.

This book is about understanding energy by breaking down the Ego and seeing past perceived “reality.” It is about remembering who you are, not by who society dictates you to be, but rather your true nature. And it is about learning to see the lessons shown to you by every person playing a role in your life, navigating more easily through your connections, and remaining non-attached as you heal your traumas.

Whether you’re struggling with Karmic relationships, Soulmates, Soul Tribe members, or a Twin Flame, Alexx will help guide you through. Utilizing Quantum Physics, String Theory, biology, epigenetics, Samkhya philosophy, energetic healing modalities, astrology, and stories on each Soul Family member, you’ll gain a deep comprehension of what lessons you chose to learn in this incarnation, and how they’re being presented to you.

Winner of Gold Book Award from Literary Titan