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Non-Attachment and Union Video Series

Non-Attachment and Union Video Series

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Union is what we all aspire to reach. But what exactly is Union, and what are the steps to getting there? In this four-part, 50 minute series, I explain exactly how to reach Union, and why the answer is non-attachment. In this series, you will learn:  

What is Non-Attachment?: Where the concept of non-attachment comes from, the difference between non-attachment and detachment, and what makes non-attachment imperative.

What is Union and Acceptance First: An explanation of what Union truly is, and how acceptance is the first key to reaching it.

Why We Need Non-Attachment to Reach Union: How non-attachment and Union go hand-in-hand, and 5 things that happen when non-attachment is obtained.

5 Ways to Practice Non-Attachment: The 5 steps you can take to obtain non-attachment and ultimately reach Union.

If you watched "The Chaser Video Series" and learned about non-attachment but don't know how to get there, this series is your answer. This series is for anyone on a spiritual journey, and not just those on a Twin Flame journey.

*You will receive 50 minutes of four videos. After you purchase, there will be a download link on the checkout page and also emailed to you. You can only download twice.

**Apple users: we have fixed all previous issues with downloads

***You will need 5 GB of free space on whichever device you download this series to. The last two videos, especially, are very large. If you do not have the space on your device and attempt to download, you will reach your download limit.

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