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We Are The Same

The Chaser Video Series

The Chaser Video Series

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You've got this...even though you may not feel like you do right now. In this 30 minute, four part video series, I address things that the Chaser should pay attention to, what and how you can begin to self-heal, and how to get out of Chaser energy so that you can come into Union:

The Principles of Twin Flames: What Twin Flames truly are, why you've manifested them, and what your Twin is meant to teach you.

Who is the Chaser?: All Chasers have things in common. I'll explain what they are, your strengths and weaknesses as a Chaser, and a glimpse at how to identify them.

5 Self-Care Steps During Separation: It is so important for you to take care of yourself while in separation from the Twin, especially because this is where you heal. I'll give you my top tips and tricks on how to truly care for your mind, body, and energy field while in separation.

The Key to Stop Chasing: Feel like you've done the work but you're still remaining in Chaser energy? I'll explain to you the reason you're stuck there, and the two things you need to understand and encompass in order to get yourself out of the energy that stops you from reaching Union.

*You will receive 30 minutes of four videos. After you purchase, there will be a download link on the checkout page and also emailed to you. You can only download twice.

**You will need 4 GB of free space on whatever device you are downloading this series to. If you do not have the space available and attempt to download, you will reach your download limit.

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